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This is literally the best Visual Novel that I have ever played! I'm not even exaggerating. It's the perfect balance of humor, fantasy and romance. It takes you on emotional roller-coaster, switching from light hearted and funny to dark and scary in a moment. Never have I played such a game in which I actually laughed out loud at the character's banter or got tears in my eyes from reading some of the darker scenes.

The animation, music and everything was great. But the best part is definitely the characters and the way they are written. The conversation feels natural and it's clear that the MC is a very strong if a bit flawed character and I actually liked her. As for the LIs, I absolutely LOVE Ise. He's funny and flirty most of the time but when needs be he's observant and caring. The chemistry between him and the MC is off the charts. I wanted to try Ceres route too but after completing Ise's, I can't, I love him too much.
**SPOILERS ALERT**My only complaint is that there is a choice to ask Ise to let us go with him to the south demon's area but it's locked. At first I thought it was coz maybe I needed more affection points but even after replaying and picking options that increase affection with Ise, I still couldn't unlock it. So maybe a walkthrough pdf would be a good idea.

Anyway, I loved the game, and I am so looking  forward to when you release the whole game. Any estimates as to when it'll be released?


omg this story is awesome! i cant wait for full release!!


Hi I have a download problem, I have a pc and when I try to download, I get this message:

An error occurred during installation : Cannot read property 'build' of undefined

This is the first time I get this error on this app, so I was wondwring if you could help me with this?

I am super interested by your game since the kickstarter! :)


Hello Ennaej,

There seems to be a discrepancy between the new version and the version on the app! I'm working on the fix, and will update you soon. 

Hi Ennaej!

I believe it should work now, please try it and get back to me!


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Thank you so much! I was able to download it with no problem and I love every second I played the demo! I am excited to follow the developpement of this great game :) I love the MC she is so interesting, I feel there isn't enough MC like her, you can really feel her hurt and I am really curious to see how she will grow and hopefully heal through this game and her relationship! Ise stole my heart completely! XD

I have to say that this demo exceeded my expectation from when I supported this project on Kickstarter, I was happy to support a VN made by a Canadien compagnie ( I am from Quebec) and the story seemed really interesting, I'm not disappointed!

Thank you for all the hard work!

i love the game! whens the expected full release date? 

Aww, thank you for this comment! We're still in development and will release the project next year :D


oh yayyyy! wishing you luck and i know you guys will do an amazing job! thank you for your hard work <3


oww this game's so awesome but I want to play the full game ;^; 

I love Ceres <3 holy knight


Aww, thank you! You won't wait too long. The full release will be this year!


hey just letting you know that i cant download this on itch io app

I'm having the same problem.

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There's a new build. Please let me know if the problem persists.

Thank you so much for your comment and patience. A new build has been uploaded. Please let me know if the problem persists.

still cant download it on the app, it only said open page on the download button, is it bcs im on mac?

Hmm, it shouldn't be? A demo version is available for all platforms. I apologize. I'll do some more testing and hopefully return with a solution.


Hello Tunitup, thank you once again for your patience! A mac tester has checked it. It should work now. Please feel free to reach out if the problem still exists!


I was able to get it downloaded and I launched on Windows!! Thank you so much for resolving the issue! It is much appreciated and I'm looking forward to the full game! :)


sorry for the late answers, i can downloaded it on mac now! thank you, will reach out if there are problems!


This game is really creative! Although, (don't be offended) Is it just me? Or does Ise sound like... JOJO?!?!?

XD. In all seriousness this is srsly amazing. (not jojo, if ur wondering. Lol) 

LOL! Thank you for this hilarious comment

Also, will there be a route for Kai? /\(>///<)/\

I think it would make for a good route.

Hello~ (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

Kai won't be romanceable :(

I understand his appeal. However, he doesn’t suit the protagonist due to her past and personality. There’s a certain type of main character the protagonist must be in order for Kai to acknowledge her. I say with absolute kindness that their relationship always ended in tragedy without being romantic.

I’m sorry :(

While Kai is not romanceable, he still plays a critical narrative role. So I hope you'll still look forward to the game!


good luck with development! I shall sprinkle the power of OwO's and UwU's to help u along ur journey /\(>3<)/\

I thought of two options 

1) Kill of Ise and make them come together through that lost/them trying to find a way to fix things.

2)Create a new protagonists specifically for Kai in a dlc or make it an extra.

3) Nothing is impossible in the realms of creativity!!!

P.S. Is Ceres Awle completely available yet? He is my FAVE!!!!!

Thank you so much for your suggestions!

Throughout my previous deliberations for the story, I've considered these options alongside other available ones. Unfortunately, they didn't solve the problems Kai presented as a love interest, and weren't cohesive with the narrative.

There's a certain motif I want the relationships of IseKai to have, and Kai's character doesn't have it. His route stood outside the current logic and characterization of the world, and I have no desire to restructure the foundation of the world to make a tragic romance that wouldn't satisfy players for the amount of effort and time they put in.

For those reasons Kai is better as a side character than a love interest. :)

how come that, I don't see Mc appear except the other character?

Hello, thank you for commenting! The protagonist of IseKai does not have a side sprite, but she will be visible in CGs.

Ooh!~ I see, thank you

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I can't download it on my PC cause it shows "Not available for Windows"

Apologies! I'm looking into the issue and hope to release a new build soon!


I played the demo and I can't wait to see more!!! You're doing a great job :D

Thank you so so much!

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is there a save/load feature? ah, just got to the end, and it's clear there is, but i couldn't figure out how to access it during the game. i remember two instances of misplaced words, but it's an interesting story and i like the characters!

I'm glad to hear it. I've since taken your feedback into account and adjusted the user experience accordingly. It will be implemented in the next update. Thank you


Interesting game, looking forward to see what awaits us in the following chapters (I just gotta say Ceres won me over, bless you for making him)

I'll be on the lookout for updates to the game. Can't wait to play the full release, when I finished the demo all I could think was: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I WANNA PLAY THE REST"

Thank you for sharing this with us!


Im only 20 minutes in and just had to return to comment on how fantastic this is, im immediately smitten with the suspense and already cannot wait to explore this dark and twisted world you are creating <3

Aww, you're so sweet! Thanks so much for your support!

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love your game!

But i'm wondering if there is a chance that kai gets a route cause i kinda like him hehe XD

also will the MC have a sprite?

No pressure just asking and can't wait for the full release!

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Thank you for the wonderful comment! There's currently no planned implementation for Kai's route, but he still plays an important narrative role.

In the next update it will be possible to see MC in CGs!


Ditto on Kai!


Looking forward this project!

Thank you for your support!